Gallatin Natural Resources, LLC (Gallatin) works hard to help mineral & royalty owners understand the opportunities and options available to them.  Gallatin ensures both parties are treated fairly and is committed to honest and ethical transactions. Ultimately, we seek to create win-win scenarios.

Professional Guidance – The primary goal of leasing your mineral rights is to reap the rewards of drilling development. However, many mineral owners are focused on the immediate cash payment from a lease bonus and can overlook the many important terms within an oil and gas lease. The principles at Gallatin have collectively leased over 50,000 acres across the US. Let our in-depth leasing experience assist you in coming to terms with which you will be happy now and twenty years down the road.

Partnering with an Advocate – The energy industry is full of exploration companies, from small independent operators to publicly-traded energy conglomerates. The principles at Gallatin have long standing relationships with numerous companies and can help you decide the best operator to develop your minerals. In doing so, we evaluate operators who use best development practices and have a reliable capital source to sustain drilling in any price environment. Your goal is to get your minerals developed. At Gallatin, we aim to put you in the best position to reap the rewards of drilling and development.