Seeing as one Chesapeake well holds all my acres and I’m currently only getting a few hundred dollars per month for royalty, I figure spreading my risk out and selling 1/3 of my minerals to Gallatin is a practical business decision. If natural gas ever comes back and more drilling occurs in the area, I have my 2/3rds that I still own as future upside. If it never comes back, I hedged my bet and have the cash from the sale invested in other areas.

— Mr. Daniel Chorba, owner of Sweet Valley Hardware (410 acres)

“My mother, brother and I decided to divest a portion of our producing gas rights. We see the value of having a professional mineral rights company owning along side us in the future to help oversee all future development in the Marcellus Shale. I also wanted to diversify some money out of oil and gas in light of the possibility of depressed gas prices over the next 4-5 years. The people at Gallatin Natural Resources were straight forward and fair with my offer. They walked us through the entire process and we never felt pressured to do anything we were not comfortable with.

— Mr. Timothy Gardner, Managing Partner of Adidas Wrestling USA (173 acres)

“My wife and I signed our lease with Chesapeake back in 2009. Southwestern now owns the lease but does not appear to have any plans to drill us in the near term due to the current price & high inventory of natural gas. In light of this, we decided to divest 25% of our minerals. We were able to see liquidity today and still retain the future 75% interest if our land is drilled one day. We also liked the idea of partnering with a professional mineral company to own side by side with us. I own a construction company & know that business, but I am not as familiar with the details of the oil and gas industry. One thing I’ve learned in business is to be successful you need good partners. We did years of research & spoke with many companies that were interested in our mineral rights. Gallatin was our choice & we are very pleased with the outcome. They are a pleasure to deal with & did exactly what they said they would. It was a win-win for us & we are very excited about the future.

— Mr. & Mrs. Frantz (463 acres)