Gallatin Natural Resources, LLC (Gallatin) is a group of energy professionals interested in partnering with you concerning your producing or non-producing oil & gas mineral rights. Our company is investing significant capital across America, creating alliances with mineral owners who wish to divest a portion of their producing or non-producing mineral & royalties for a lump sum cash payment, while retaining some upside in future development. Please read our list of FAQ’s about oil & gas mineral rights below. If you have any additional questions about selling oil rights that are not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(Q.) If I only sell a portion of my minerals or royalty and a well is drilled on my property in the future, will I still get paid for production from that well?

(A.) Yes. You would receive royalty on future wells drilled for the portion of your minerals or royalty that you retained. We are paying cash today to buy a portion of the royalty stream from wells currently producing or wells drilled in the future.

(Q.) If my minerals are already held by production (HBP) from an existing oil or gas well, can I still sell all or portion of my minerals or royalty?

(A.) Yes. Gallatin is still interested in purchasing HBP mineral or royalty interest. We will offer you a lump sum payout price for your minerals or royalty as well as a fair cash price per acre for the undeveloped rights.

(Q.) I have a mortgage on my property… can I still sell my minerals interest?

(A.) In most cases, the answer is yes. Gallatin has relationships with numerous banks and credit unions in the areas in which we operate. Often we can find a solution for mineral or royalty owners that have mortgage obligations on their property. Call or email us for more information.

(Q.) Why do cash offers for mineral & royalty rights sometimes differ from current lease bonus prices being paid in an area?

(A.) When an operator leases your mineral rights for development, they are buying the right to receive anywhere from 75.0%-87.5% of all hydrocarbons produced after drilling. As a mineral owner subject to said lease, the most you receive is a 12.5%-25.0% royalty on what is produced, depending on the terms negotiated in the lease. Therefore, as a mineral buyer, Gallatin is only entitling itself to a fraction of what an operator receives upon successful drilling.

(Q.) I’ve decided to sell all or a portion of my minerals, now what?

(A.) After we’ve agreed to a price, Gallatin will verify your title at the County Recorder’s office. If the title checks out and your execution of the necessary paperwork is complete, Gallatin will immediately present you with a company check or a direct deposit bank wire to your bank of choice.

(Q.) How long will it take to get my cash payment once a Purchase and Sale Agreement is executed?

(A.) Gallatin’s due diligence process generally takes 30 to 45 business days to complete. During this time, complete title is run to the property and all documents are prepared in order to facilitate the closing.