Fighting for Your Mineral Rights: What to Do if You’re Being Pushed

Mineral rights owners need to be aware of their rights and protections. Mineral rights rules and regulations are constantly updated and vary from state to state. What rights do you have? In addition to so many situations where a landowner’s rights might be violated, consider this: Recently, nationwide, a controversial tool called forced pooling is being used more and more as drillers work to gain access to minerals located under the surface of private property, oftentimes without the permission of the landowner. In some circles, forced pooling is compared to eminent domain. In ot
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OPEC News and Developments

  When it comes to mineral and royalty rights, the latest OPEC news and developments includes a lot of vital information for mineral rights owners:  
  • On Monday, June 12th, 2017, it was reported that oil prices’ most recent selloff has left onlookers a bit confused, meaning the fundamentals look poor with dismal drawdown in crude oil stocks. However, the general feeling is that an extension of the OPEC deal should create a rebalancing of the market over the next few quarters.
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    Midland Basin News and Developments

    The Latest from the Midland Basin, by Gallatin Natural Resources

    Overall, rig growth in the United States is up 125%, because of the production of 449 new rigs drilled throughout the country. With 43% of these rigs located in the Permian Basin, of which Midland Basin is the largest component, the Permian Basin and is feeling the effects of this increase. In 1925, the first well was drilled in the Permian Basin. New technologies, along with current oil prices, has caused activity to increase in this area. For instance, according to the Read More

    Delaware Basin News

    News & Developments in the Delaware Basin

    This depositional and sedimentary region of Texas and New Mexico has been hot on the ticker for energy exchange in stock market action of recent months. Invested players in the Delaware Basin will recognize the stacked pay benefits that this area produces with its spread of robust oil-in-place deposits. Chevron and ExxonMobil have been recent operators to step up land and rig acquisition in these ongoing M&A deals in the Delaware Basin, with Exxon just this month making a move for a 16% bump in spending. Barometers of the oil and gas climate will mark these current trends as predictably ripe for this activity. January 2017 saw BOE prices nearly double what
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