Buy and Selling Mineral Rights

What are Your Options?

Fortunately, there are a lot of options available when it comes to buying and/or selling your mineral rights, to guarantee you get the best deal. For the pasts ten years, our team of experts at Gallatin have assisted countless mineral owners experience their ultimate success in the purchase and/or sale of their mineral rights. Both the buying and selling of mineral rights can be financially advantageous, yet risky and highly complex, which is why we take great care when it comes to understanding every step of the way, including the option of whether or not to buy or sell those rights in the first place.  

When it comes to purchasing mineral rights, we can help:

  • Make sure the mineral rights for a particular property are actually available for purchase – Because of the complexity surrounding the purchase of mineral rights, never assume anything.  
  • Know which minerals will receive the greatest return – The top five most desirable minerals in the United States are: oil and gas, gold, copper, diamonds and coal, but, mineral values change, which is why we always know the latest.
  • Make sure the mineral you would like to purchase is actually a mineral – Again, do not assume anything. With this type of investment, you do not want to find out, after the fact, that what you purchased was not a mineral after all.
  • Never underestimate every single aspect of the deal – As previously mentioned, purchasing mineral rights is very complex—not only the price, but access to the property, damage possibilities, fresh water access, and a timeline in case you’re not mining right away. We already know every aspect of the deal and can help you lower your risks.   
  • Laws, regarding mineral rights, vary from state to state – We go to great lengths to understand the laws of each state.

When it comes to the option of selling mineral rights, the difference between a good deal and a great one can be a matter of putting the deal together correctly, of which we specialize in:

  • Impressive record-keeping – We can help you organize all of your deeds, lease agreements and other records, so “the integrity of the deal” can be easily shown.
  • Know the current mineral rights market – Mineral values rise and fall, which is why we know the current, real market value.
  • Option agreements are considered red flags – We know the red flags and, by working with us, these can be avoided.
  • Be patient with the process/Know the best offer – We are pros at helping making sure the deal you accept is the best one for you.


Again, the buying and selling of minerals can be lucrative and even meaningful, and yet risky and complex, which is why we here at Gallatin, strive to make sure your experience will be the best one possible.